Technology and Plumbing

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in all areas of home improvement, including plumbing. According to research from the Freedonia Group, in 2017, the plumbing fixtures and fittings market is projected to advance 6.3% to $12 billion. Tech products may only represent a portion of current sales, but as younger consumers begin to build […]


Garbage Disposal Problems

During the holiday season, we open our homes to friends and family. We look forward to out of town guests, festivities, and lots of holiday meals. Your garbage disposal may become overwhelmed with all the additional use, so here’s a few tips from the pros at Peak Plumbing to help keep your kitchen cleanups running […]

Protect Your Home’s Plumbing Before Winter Arrives

Winter is right around the corner. Is your home’s plumbing prepared for those freezing temperatures? Have you ever left a can of soda in the freezer and forgotten about it? Imagine that happening to a pipe in your home. If the water in your pipes drops below 32 degrees, it will freeze, causing your pipes […]

Prevent Frozen Pipes:  Insulating and Winterizing

Prevent frozen pipes and expensive water damage by properly insulating the plumbing pipes in your home. If you have a property (vacation rental, cabin, etc.) that will be vacant for an extended amount of time during the winter months, you will want to winterize that home’s plumbing. Insulating Your Pipes Plastic piping is more tolerant of […]

When Is It Time for a New Toilet?

You use your toilet everyday but probably don’t pay much attention to it unless it starts giving you problems. Sometimes the problem is a single situation that can be quickly fixed, but if your toilet continues to act up, it may be time for a new one. Here are a few reasons it may be […]

Home Water Conservation Tips from the Pros at Peak

Leaks and water waste add up to higher utility bills and possible home damages. Take a quick look around your home to see where you can save water (and money) with these tips: Repair dripping Small leaks can add up fast! One drip per second adds up to 5 gallons per day (almost 200 gallons […]

The Top 4 Reasons Why Sewer Lines Clog

The Top 4 Reasons Why Sewer Lines Clog   Sewer line clogs, leaks, and breaks are surprisingly common, resulting in damaged properties and possibly hundreds to thousands of dollars in repair bills. Most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover repair costs, but homeowners can protect their homes from costly sewer line emergencies by educating themselves […]

What to Expect: Home Plumbing Inspections

Before buying a property, you should schedule a whole-home plumbing inspection with a licensed plumber. A major purchase, like a home, should be well researched in order to save you from any future problems. This is why home inspections are generally required by lenders prior to closure to protect their investment. Not only will a […]

A Few Tips on Water Heater Maintenance

Water heaters work hard everyday in our homes and require minimal maintenance. After installation and temperature setting, very little is required to keep it functioning, usually for the next 15 years. However, by following a few easy steps you can prolong the life of your water heater, improve its efficiency, minimize damage as a result […]